Organisations / Clubs

Important aspect of organising multiple tournaments is a possibility to link all the tournaments together. The new organisation feature allows this possibility to create the organisation and put all the organised tournaments inside it. This makes organising tournaments even easier than ever. Create the organisation, add your members, create the tournaments and automatically update players' ratings based on their performance and see theirs progress.

Creating organisation

All you need to do si to go to Organisation - Create organisation and fill:

  • name of your organisation
  • sport that will be played
  • check if only you and the people you set as administrators can create the tournaments
  • check if the players can use default system rating from other tournaments
  • fill main rating category specifics:
    • name of this rating category
    • default starting rating for new players
    • check if only you and the administrators can change players' ratings, or if anyone can change players' ratings in this rating category

Your organisation will have a unique url that you can save and share to all of your members.

Rating categories

Each organisation can have multiple rating categories. You can create one for online tournaments, one for real tournaments, you can create rating category that is not locked and make it available to all members and people that want to organise tournaments in your organisation, without messing with your main ratings.

Adding players to your organisation

There are two ways to add players to your organisation. You can add them in section players in your organisation or during the tournament that has set organisation as your organisation. All players that are playing in that tournament are automatically added to your organisation. You can also add players from any previous tournaments that you have organised in players section of your organisation.

We plan to make possible to import players using CSV/Excel in the future and to update ratings using CSV/Excel.


Ratings are the single most important statistic that shows players progress. Each win increases the rating and each lose decreases it. The amount of a rating change is always dependent on the opponent rating, the stronger opponent you beat the more rating you gain and the weaker opponent you lose to the more rating you lose. Feel free to check how the ratings change in this official fide page.

Each tournament may or may not change players' ratings. You can automatically recalculate ratings one hour after the last game has finished when you check Change ratings in the tournament settings or you can click on recalculate ratings button after the tournament finishes. This will look at each game and based on the game result it increases or decreases rating. The final player's change is the sum of each his game's rating change.


Creating all tournaments inside your organisation provides statistics for your members based on theirs performance. Each player has automatically available a player profile that can be viewed by clicking on the player's name either in the tournament or in the players section of your organisation. Statistics show ratings progress over time, amount of won/lost/drew games and last few games that the player played.

Linking player profile to your members

The members of your organisation should sign up and link theirs user accounts with the player in your organisation. This provides them with the statistics in their profile and they can easily sign in your tournaments with one button.

2021-11-27 by Lubomir

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